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Business Advisory & Consultation

It's the most critical decision you need to make when starting your business- what is the best structure to commence my business? Making the wrong call could be very costly on the short and long term. Obviously this requires the exercise of informed commercial judgement based on the right information and experience. At J F M Accountants we have the experience, training and expertise to give business owners and managers insights into business issues and confidence in their chosen course of action.

By studying your business dealings, trading scope, competitions, market and unforeseen economic conditions we provide your business with practical strategies to implement unto your business to achieve profit and overcome unforeseen adverse economic conditions and consequently sustain growth.

Management Accounting and Reporting and supplementing periodic management reports with more detailed and timely financial analysis and interpretation to identify and understand your business drivers and how they impact on your business and financial goals.

We offer your first consultation at our practice FREE of charges. We guide you to make the right decisions when starting your business. It is a known fact that this is very similar to laying the foundation of a building and consequently the decision-making process at this stage is very critical to the life (& growth) of the business.


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