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Accounting services that we provide include, but definitely not restricted to the following, are:


* Best advice on most suitable software to maintain your record keeping with regard to nature of your daily transactions

* Assistance on how to record your periodical transactions when it comes to GST amounts.

* Advice on proper set up & outlay for issuing tax invoices and required components to be included in any bill.

* Assistance with your employees’ payroll (wages) and allocating correct amount of compulsory superannuation guarantee on the applicable earnings only.

* Advice when purchasing assets, e.g. motor vehicle, for the business and correct amount to record in your records to reflect business and private use, if applicable.

* BankLink Software, at no additional charges to you, that links us with your bank account(s) and securely download your transactions unto our system which seriously reduces time & effort


* Prepare periodical financial reports for your enity's financial position, i.e. Balance Sheet; financial performance, i.e. Profit & Loss Statement and Assets Register, i.e. Depreciation Schedule.



Taxation services that we provide include, but definitely not restricted to the following, are:

* Assist you to become familiar with the basic rules and laws, also known as constitution or articles of memorandum, that govern your entity.


* Apply your entity for a Tax File Number, Australian Business Number (ABN), register for Goods and Services Tax (GST) and PAYG regime, if applicable.


* Inform you of the annual statutory obligations with respect to Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC), Australian Taxation Office and Department of Fair Trading.


* Inform you on all the allowable deductions with respect to your work/business and what you need to do to claim all eligible expenses you incurred.


* Assist you when selling or disposing of a business asset and look after Capital Gains Tax implications and Small Business Concessions, if applicable.


* Prepare and lodge Business Activity Statements including GST reporting (cash/accrual basis), PAYG Withholding and Installment.


* Prepare and lodge Company Tax Returns including Dividends Schedule, Franking Account Schedule and all the entity's financial information.

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